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Wilderness Expeditions, Inc (WE) is a Christian based guide and outfitting service headquartered in Salida, Colorado. Since 1989, WE has dedicated itself to unique wilderness adventures and outdoor programs with a spiritual purpose. Wilderness Expeditions is the largest commercial outfitter in the state of Colorado with a US Forest Service outfitters permit. Its excellent performance has earned a positive image and a continued opportunity to offer quality Christian outdoor programs. The well planned programs challenge and inspire through experiential application and unique growth opportunities.

Wilderness Expeditions, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and its staff and participants are in no way limited by race, gender, or religious affiliation.

What’s Included:
The fee covers all expenses for your participation (unless otherwise indicated), which includes the services of the guide/outfitter (equipment, Forest Service permits, staff leadership, food, and base camp use), program costs. Some extras may be included depending on the length and type of program (i.e. Salida Aquatic Center pass). No discounts are available for bringing your own gear. Participants may have additional expenses, particularly for travel and lodging to and from the base camp.

Provided By the Outfitter: 
For all multi-day programs and some other activities, when indicated, the outfitter provides a variety of equipment and supplies*. Such items often include: external frame backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent, stove, fuel, cooking equipment, dining fly, rappel equipment, first aid kit, and food. Some packages may include a stay in the Wilderness Expeditions Lodge or another local establishments. Each Person is responsible for the care of equipment that is issued.
If equipment is damaged or lost through abuse, or negligence, the individual will be responsible for repair or replacement of the item(s).
* WE offers an "Enhanced Gear Package" for an additional charge of $35/participant. This package including internal frame packs, and new updated gear. Supplies are limited so please contact us if you are interested.

Regarding Tips
Our guides and staff work hard to provide excellent service. Although tips are customary and extremely appreciated, they are not included in the participant fees.

Regarding Food
Trail food is by necessity a high carbohydrate, high caloric diet. It is high in wheat, milk products, sugar, corn syrup, and artificial coloring/flavoring. If these food products cause a problem to your diet, you will be responsible for providing any appropriate substitutions and advise the staff upon arrival. Basic trail meals are included which provide necessary calories for a week-long backpacking adventure. In response to some requests, WE will now offer the option of an "Enhanced Food Package". If your ENTIRE group would prefer adding this "Enhanced Food Package" to the basic food plan, it will be available for an additional charge of $25 per participant. Contact us with questions regarding the details of this package. Note: The entire group must choose the enhanced package.

You Bring:
A list of recommended clothing and personal gear is supplied to assist each person in determining what to bring. This list is based on a typical 6 day Trek experience. The list is designed with attention to minimizing the weight and size of your pack in hopes of providing maximum comfort and enjoyment. You may choose to bring things that have not been included in the list, but please be advised that you will be responsible for packing and carrying any of your “extras”.

Keep in mind that the Colorado Rockies have unpredictable variations in temperature and weather. The temperature may vary from the low 30’s to the high 80’s. You may encounter rain, hail, snow, cloudy skies, or bright sunshine – all in a day. The key to proper clothing selection is “layer on for cold and wet” and “layer off for heat and exertion”. WE recommend you pack clothing in plastic bags to protect from the elements and treat your outerwear with water repellent. WE also recommends using synthetic (not cotton or NC) fabrics.

What To Bring List

How To Be Comfortable

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All activities not permitted by Wilderness Expeditions are performed by permitted / licensed Outfitters (by state, USFS or BLM) or on private property.

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