Webb Chapel is one of the groups who has been coming with W.E. for many years. They are out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area and always know how to have a good time.

It is important to note that the adult sponsor, Kevin just participated in his 20th trek! He is the father of seven boys and has brought all of them out here. We are honored by his dedication to our ministry.

It is also with great remorse that we missed the presence of Hai, the youth minister for Webb Chapel. His smile and laughter was missed in Colorado this year. W.E. understands the difficult time he is going through and continually keeps him in their thoughts and prayers.

Check out the video of this week!

Webb Chapel

Wilderness Expeditions was honored to have Greenwood Park Church from Bowling Green Kentucky. Bowling Green is a small city most famously known for being the place where Corvettes are made. After spending a week with these people it was also evident that they have huge hearts. Words cannot express the week so check out this video to get a taste of the adventure.

Greenwood Park

Check out our Growth!

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We are pleased to tell everyone that we are making some major improvements around base camp. The renovations are currently underway and should be finished hopefully by the end of the summer. The renovations are taking place in the middle portion of the property which includes: building a new pavilion, two new sheds, a gazebo over the water, room for the rock climbing wall, and more spaces for tents. This is an extensive project requiring 3 dump trucks and over 375 loads of dirt which raised the area 4 to 6 feet in areas.

The loads of dirt have restored an area that over time was washed away by the river. By restoring this it has made it possible to have a bigger area for the rock climbing wall and give campers a better place to camp the first night. In the next few weeks, a semi truck worth of sod will be planted throughout the entire area.

The two new sheds will give new and better places to hand out gear when groups arrive. These sheds are used for guides work out of when a group arrives/leaves. It will consolidate all the sheds to one area and make the first and last days more efficient.

The gazebo over the water replaces a small pier that went out over the large pond. It can be seen from the top property and makes the whole area look great. The pictures really explain the difference.

Finally, the pavilion is an idea years in the making and will encapsulate the whole area. It is going to be a log pavilion with a metal roof. It will be able to hold several hundred people at one time during the summer and winter months. The walls will remain unfinished for awhile, but will eventually be closed in with walls that can open or close depending on the conditions. In the near future, concrete will be laid and the roof will begin assembly. Keep checking the blog for updates on our renovation progress!