It was an honor to have High Point Church from Austin back on trail with us. They came five years ago and the only person on the trip who was also on this trip was Mike, the youth minister. They brought such a large group that the trip was split into 2 groups, with each group climbing different sides of Mt. Elbert, the highest point in Colorado. Although both sides came short of the highest summit, they were high enough to get a spectacular view. With a pack and paddle trip, the group also participates in rafting along with the regular activities.  It was a great week!

Check out the video!  High Point

Waterview 6-day Trip

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Waterview has been a long time supporter of our program. The youth minister, Kelly, just participated in his 12th trek. Their commitment to our ministry is much appreciated.

Check out the video.Waterview

For the first time ever Jersey Village came up for the trek experience. The week held many surprises about what climbing a mountain entails. I think they would all say they had a great trip. We hope to see them back in CO in the future!

Check out the week! Jersey Village