Wilderness Expeditions loves to see the skills and leadership learned through our program taken to the next level. That is exactly what Tom and Roy from Wichita Falls, TX have done. This father-son team set out to climb the Mount Rainier.

Mount Rainier is the third highest peak in the lower 48 and is also one of the more difficult mountains to climb. For starters, it is an active volcano and is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world.  While on summit Tom and Roy could see steam coming out of the rock.  And second, it is covered by glaciers which are permanent snow fields. These snow fields crack and cause crevasses.  All this put together requires rope teams, crampons, helmets, and nerves of steel. It is so difficult in fact that a man with 25 years of experience died in the group in front of Tom and Roy when he feel into a crevasse. The combination of challenges make this 14,411 foot mountain an experience of a life time.

Thanks Roy for representing with the trek beanie!

Just as all Wilderness Expeditions trips are about more than a backpacking trip, so was Tom and Roy’s expedition.  They set out on the goal to raise money for March of Dimes.  You can find out more or even contribute at www.summitforbabies.com.

After this trip, the father-son team has their sights set on many more high peaks in the U.S. and possibly some in Peru.  What a great display Tom and Roy are of not only furthering their outdoor adventures but also doing it with a Christ-centered focus.


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Finishing up the busiest part of the summer Westside came on the final week of 6-day trips. Usually August is sunnier, but the week proved to be one of the rainiest of the summer. The group of mostly first time trekkers hung in there for a good time.

Check out the week!