Wilderness Expeditions, Inc (WE) is a Christian based guide and outfitting service headquartered in Salida, Colorado. Since 1989, WE has dedicated itself to unique wilderness adventures and outdoor programs with a spiritual purpose. Wilderness Expeditions is the largest commercial outfitter in the state of Colorado with a US Forest Service outfitters permit. Its excellent performance has earned a positive image and a continued opportunity to offer quality Christian outdoor programs. The well planned programs challenge and inspire through experiential application and unique growth opportunities.

Wilderness Expeditions outdoor programs are designed to challenge participants to discover self-confidence, self-esteem, personal faith, and encourage the awesome potential of powerful Christian living. Along the journey you will learn the value of teamwork, the strength of encouragement, empathy in shared experiences, renewal around the campfire, the freshness of a new morning, and the character to accept a challenge…and overcome it!

Wilderness Expeditions, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and its staff and participants are in no way limited by race, gender, or religious affiliation.

Wilderness Expeditions Mission

  • Providing service and expertise to best equip your group for high-adventure in Colorado.
  • Providing guide and outfitting services with the appropriate permitted use of the National Forest and BLM lands as required by local, state, and federal laws.
  • To help teach and educate your group in the preservation and care of our environment.
  • To help provide a spiritual perspective to your trip.
  • Provide your participants with a trip that is customized to your adventure desires

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