It has been a great ski season for Wilderness Expeditions, but summer is quickly approaching.  If you have been following our calendar you can tell that space is quickly filling up.  The seems to the the most exciting time of the year as we anticipate all of the adventures to come this summer.

For many of us, summer still seems like it is an eternity away.  We are still locked in the routine and struggles of everyday life.  It seems like a task that is impossible to break.  Living a life for Christ seems like a distant dream, a spiritual utopia.  Many of us believe in Christ, yet we are lost when it comes to taking the next step.  Our theme for Trek this summer is In His Steps.  Our goal this summer is to seek out what it means and what it takes to be a follower of Jesus.

So dust off your hiking boots and strap on your pack!  We can’t wait for you to join us on the trail this summer!  Watch this video to see more of what to expect this summer. Show it to your youth group to prepare for this summer.  Get excited because the journey this summer will be inspiring!

Wilderness Expeditions will be continuing our TREK programs in 2012 and beyond.
We were saddened to read the press release from Wilderness Trek Christian Camp, as you may have been. Because of financial issues, WTCC will not be sending campers in the wilderness. However, we are committed to continuing the legacy of Trek as we have spent our lives helping to build it. In fact, we have upgraded our facilities and have expanded the adventures and activities offered.

What will change for your group in 2012 and beyond?
The only difference for your group will be the way you book. You will book directly withWilderness Expeditions, Inc. at

The following will be the same as they have been in years past:

  • leadership,
  • guides,
  • basecamp facility in Salida,
  • and overall quality of your Treks .

In fact, you will notice a decrease in the price per participant for 2012!

For the past several years, Wilderness Expeditions’ guides have been writing the Trek Journal and working on tee shirts as well. Active involvement in the spiritual theme and direction of these Treks means your group will see the same quality you have come to know over the years with us. Our relationship with the US Forest Service sets us apart from other outfitters, in that we have a Priority Use Permit and have been in good standing with them for over 2 decades. We remain one of the largest outfitters in the State of Colorado.

We have had an amazing summer of Wilderness Treks and ultimate adventure here and we glorify God for all those participating in Treks this summer.

The ongoing legacy of Wilderness Trek Christian Camp.
Wilderness Trek has meant so much to our family! We, Tommy and Kristi Query, have been the contracted backpacking outfitter for Wilderness Trek Christian Camp since 1989. Tommy went on his first Trek in 1980, and has worked with Trek since 1982. Kristi went on her first Trek in 1983, and has been working with Trek since 1989. We met on a Trek, and have developed a family legacy of Treks. We have managed over 350 guides and staff over the last 22 years. As the backpacking outfitter for WTCC, we have felt called by God to manage the Treks of over 20,000 guests. Our family and staff are praying for the WTCC Board and the tough decisions they are making regarding the future of WTCC. We have been honored to work with WTCC in meeting the needs of this outdoor ministry for youth groups all over the country. We appreciate WTCC giving groups their blessing in dealing with us directly.

We have already begun to book weeks for the 2012 summer, so contact us soon to get your group on the calendar. You can read more about us at

We are currently booking ski trips through our White Diamond Ski Tours program for this winter and spring, using Monarch Ski and Snowboard Resort. Find more info at

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. 719-539-4888
We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Tommy, Kristi, Bailey, and Brooklynn Query
719-651-0906 or 719-651-7067

Littleton Church of Christ from Denver, CO enjoyed their first ever trek experience this summer! It is safe to say that many of these teens had been backpacking before, but have never really experienced a program like this. It was our pleasure  to have Littleton on trail with us this summer. Click here to see the video from the week.

Pavilion Completion!!!

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Join us in celebrating the completion of our new pavilion! This 3,000 square foot pavilion will be helpful in the summer and winter months. In the summer it is used for worship, orientation, and dinner when

groups are arriving and coming back from trips. It will also be used in the winter for dinner and worship for ski groups but will also include vinyl walls and a fire place to keep it nice and toasty. For everyone who has been around over the past years you know how much of an improvement this is over the old tent we use to have .  For those of you who have been in the pavilion this summer, I encourage you to respond to this post and tell us what you think about it!

The year we were honored to have the men of Gamma Sigma Phi joined us in Salida for their 4th annual club ski trip.  Gamma Sigma Phi is mens club from Abilene Christian University.  They have been committed in coming for the past couple years and bring an energy that is contagious to the property.  These high energy men are enthusiastic about life and ready for adventure when they hit the property.  You can see for yourself by the video attached that they love to have a good time but don’t be fooled they are serious and passionate when it comes to worship every night of the trip.  Thank you GSP for coming to visit us every year.  We hope to have you 68 more years to come.  In the end, these men took home some great memories and a whole lot of bruises!   Click here to see why.

Summer is coming!

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Summer is coming.  The snow is still falling but the warm weather has arrived!  It is over 70 degrees in most parts of Colorado today.  With a good snow base to provide water for all those wildflowers and summer months quickly approaching, it wont be long at all before summer is here.  To get in the spirit of the upcoming season attached is a video created by one of our campers from the 2010 season!
Ben, came with his high school from the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. As you can tell from the video, he has and increadible tallent for photography and can put it together in a way that inspires people. Most of all he does it in a way that honors God. Check Ben’s stuff out at Thanks for sharing that with us, Ben!

If you havent already signed up for this summer, it is not too late. As soon as you get your deposits in, your space is reserved. Don’t miss out on this chance to have your life changed forever by experiencing God in this unique way. For more information or to sign up, email us at or

Snow And Renovations

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Finally! It is that time of year again. Snow is starting to accumulate on Monarch mountain and ski season is quickly approaching! Anyone who has been to monarch knows it is a great place to ski. The mountain has a family atmoshphere, short lift lines, and one of the few places with all natural snow. That is usually 350 inches of it and 17 of which is already on the mountain.

With all these things that make Monarch great, skiing at Monarch Mountain will have a new twist this year after 1.2 million dollars in renovations.  The renovations will go to building a new base terminal for the Garfield Lift in order to help it run more efficently,  the Pioneer Lift will have a new off loading ramp,  and there will be improvements to the child daycare/registration center.  These improvements along with rumor of an approval to expand the terrain are turning Monarch into a top notch mountain.  Learn more at

It is not too late to set up a trip with us!  With rates starting at $255 a person for a three day, three night ski trip it is a price that cannot be beat!  We would love to have you!

Wilderness Expeditions had the unique experience of taking twenty experienced climbers up Mt. Elbert. It was a day trip on the Black Cloud trail that won’t soon be forgotten.  The day started early at 4:30a.m. at a hotel and a quick shuttle over to the trail head.  For about an hour after that, the only thing piercing the darkness was a long trail of head lamps.  It looked like a scene out of Lord of the Rings.

Only about 4 people in the group spoke good english and it was interesting to learn that their main purpose of coming to Colorado was to climb Mt. Elbert.  The group was comprised of members of a Japanese Climbing Club similar to the Colorado Mountain Club.  All had some level of experience.  Several had climbed 10 or more 14ers and one was even a mountaineering guide in the Himalayas several years ago.

The Japanese climbing group was made of 40 + year olds who up set a perfect, unchanging pace.  Their focus to make the summit was staggering.  They seemed to go unfazed by 50 mph winds and gusts up to 60mph that tried to blow their small stature all over the mountain.  Every hour on the hour the group stopped for a 3 minute break meant only to eat and hydrate in order to prevent altitude sickness.   It provided little time to catch their breath, but did keep everyone in the group from getting altitude sickness.

With hard work and determination the group summited at 12:30p.m.  On summit they celebrated only briefly before getting some well-earned rest.  In the group were a 77, 73, and 71 year old who all seemed to have little trouble.  After soaking in the view and taking a few pictures they were back to business and ready to go back down.

In the end, learning from the Japanese culture was an experience none of the guides will soon forget.  They seem to be a group of intelligent, driven, and caring people.  They almost seemed to enjoy getting to know us as much as we enjoyed getting to know them, yet they also had a work ethic that most Americans can only marvel at.

Wilderness Expeditions loves to see the skills and leadership learned through our program taken to the next level. That is exactly what Tom and Roy from Wichita Falls, TX have done. This father-son team set out to climb the Mount Rainier.

Mount Rainier is the third highest peak in the lower 48 and is also one of the more difficult mountains to climb. For starters, it is an active volcano and is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world.  While on summit Tom and Roy could see steam coming out of the rock.  And second, it is covered by glaciers which are permanent snow fields. These snow fields crack and cause crevasses.  All this put together requires rope teams, crampons, helmets, and nerves of steel. It is so difficult in fact that a man with 25 years of experience died in the group in front of Tom and Roy when he feel into a crevasse. The combination of challenges make this 14,411 foot mountain an experience of a life time.

Thanks Roy for representing with the trek beanie!

Just as all Wilderness Expeditions trips are about more than a backpacking trip, so was Tom and Roy’s expedition.  They set out on the goal to raise money for March of Dimes.  You can find out more or even contribute at

After this trip, the father-son team has their sights set on many more high peaks in the U.S. and possibly some in Peru.  What a great display Tom and Roy are of not only furthering their outdoor adventures but also doing it with a Christ-centered focus.


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Finishing up the busiest part of the summer Westside came on the final week of 6-day trips. Usually August is sunnier, but the week proved to be one of the rainiest of the summer. The group of mostly first time trekkers hung in there for a good time.

Check out the week!