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There’s nothing quite like the moment when anticipation turns into exhilaration as a sharp tug is felt on the end of your line and the pole bends like a supple reed. Wilderness Expeditions Fly Fishing and Spin Casting trips are an exciting expansion to our ministry. We have taken our backcountry packing trips and put a twist on them. This twist consists of a smaller, more personal trip, good campfire cooking, and several days of incredible fishing, camping and spiritual renewal. Come join us in the high country of the Colorado Rockies for an experience that is sure to last a lifetime. Drop in a line and see what you reel in.

Wilderness Expeditions is privileged in that we hold a vast number of permits with the United States Forest Service. The ongoing relationship between WE and the USFS has allowed us to continuously provide quality outfitting and now offer our premier fishing trips in the high country of the Colorado Rockies.

We fish glacial lakes above tree line, beaver ponds tucked away in the forest, cascading alpine streams, and the famous Arkansas River. Where we go depends on time of year, your desires, and the degree of physical challenge you can handle. There are lakes that require several hours of hiking and streams and rivers we can drive to.

Wilderness Expeditions furnishes most of the gear you might need for your trip. If you have your own gear we invite you to bring it along. Our guides will help you in deciding if it is suitable for the trip and try to provide alternative gear if necessary. Wilderness Expeditions does not provide your non-resident fishing license which is required by the state of Colorado. You will find a number of local Salida merchants and outfitters that can provide you with this service.

Trip Includes:
Guide, sleeping bag and pad, tent, external frame backpack, cooking equipment and trail meals, a night stay in the Wilderness Expeditions Lodge, and a hot meal at the beginning and end of your trip. Flies are not included and should be purchased ahead of time.

*Each Person is responsible for the care of the equipment that is issued. If equipment is damaged or lost through neglect, abuse, or negligence, the individual will be responsible for repair or replacement of the item(s).

You Bring:
Your fishing gear with an adequate supply of flies and lures from our recommended list. Fly rods and light action spinning gear work best. A valid Colorado fishing license is required and can be purchased in town.

*Recommended Flies:
May to early June: Elk hair Caddis # 14-16. Golden Stone Fly Nymphs, Bead Head Prince and Pheasant Tail Nymphs, and other Stonefly patterns. Mid-Summer to Fall: Grasshoppers, Stimulators, Yellow Humpys, Royal Wulffs and other attractor patterns.

*Recommended Lures:
# 1-2 Gold and Silver Blue Fox, Panther Martins in black and gold, Mepps in red and silver, and small Rapalas. Anglers using lures must clip 2 hooks off and pinch the remaining barb.


Helpful Information

Colorado Fishing Licenses
You can purchase your non-resident fishing license at these local Salida Merchants and outfitters: Wal-Mart, ArkAnglers, Anglers Junction, and American Hunting & Fishing Supply.

Colorado Fishing License Pricing
Annual Non-Resident: $56
Five Day: $21
One Day: $9
Extra Rod Stamp: $5

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Group Size Restrictions
Since the nature of your trip involves fishing in the high country, Wilderness Expeditions books small groups to better insure the success of your experience. We ask that your group size be no bigger than 6-8 participants. Fishing and personal times of solitude will be the focus of the trip and account for the majority of time spent on trail or on the water.


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All activities not permitted by Wilderness Expeditions are performed by permitted / licensed Outfitters (by state, USFS or BLM) or on private property.

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