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Rappelling & Climbing Wall

Some of the most exciting adventures can be the ones that test our willingness to trust and depend on others. Rock Climbing and Rappelling adventures can be challenging on both an individual and corporate level. Whether it is backing off of a cliff with a guide and ropes and hardware, or listening as others help you find your next hand hold on the climbing wall, some part of the adventurer inside of you will be stretched and encouraged. Our many locations offer astounding views and meet the needs of any level of experience.

Trip Includes:
Trained professional staff. All ropes, hardware, helmets and gloves

*Each Person is responsible for the care of the equipment that is issued. If equipment is damaged or lost through neglect, abuse, or negligence, the individual will be responsible for repair or replacement of the item(s).

You Bring:
Sunscreen, hat, camera, water bottle, comfortable flexible clothes, closed toed shoes.

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All activities not permitted by Wilderness Expeditions are performed by permitted / licensed Outfitters (by state, USFS or BLM) or on private property.

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